IADC WellSHARP: Drilling or Drilling/Completion/Workover Natchez, MS

Course Length:

Course Level: Level 3: Driller

Course Option: Surface only OR Combined Surface/Subsea

Location: Natchez, MS


This course covers basic well control principles, causes and warning signs of kicks, shut-in procedures, comparison of commonly used kill methods, and well control equipment. The kill sheet is reviewed and students are prepared to utilize this tool in real world applications. This training is designed for Service Hands, Rig crews, Floorhands, Derrickman, AD, Driller, Toolpusher, Supervisors and Operator Representatives involved in drilling.

The course incorporates both instructional theory and practical application and allows ample hands-on simulator training time. Students are presented with real world “what if” situations to prepare them for potential well control problems.

Our instructors are fully certified by IADC and the course complies with all IADC requirements. All course records and student certificates are properly maintained to meet IADC regulations. Drilling simulators are utilized in all learning centers and courses can be delivered on your location.



  • Drilling Written Test
  • Simulator Testing (Surface Only)


  • Drilling Written Test
  • Simulator Testing (Surface)
  • Simulator Testing (Subsea)
  • Subsea Written Test

IADC WellSHARP: Drilling or Drilling/Completion/Workover Natchez, MS covers the following:

  • Fundamental Principles and Calculations
  • Kick Fundamentals
  • Gas Action in the Wellbore
  • Procedures & Constant BHP Well Control Methods
  • Organizing a Well Kill Operation
  • Drilling Completion and Workover Fluids
  • Well Control Complications and Solutions
  • Well Control Equipment
  • Subsea Issues (Surface/Subsea)
  • Simulator Practice (Surface/Subsea)
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