Leadership Through Horsemanship

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Leadership Through Horsemanship is an innovative approach to becoming an effective leader. Experienced horse trainers know the secret to success is helping the horse discover its true purpose and maximizing it. This is the job of a true horseman; make each horse become the best it can be. All horses have one thing in common; they want someone or something to lead them.

Learning the Fundamentals of Leadership

As leaders we face the same challenges. We’re placed in a position of leadership to increase productivity, performance, and profits for our employer. A leader must learn to find the positives in others, and then grow those traits through trust and respect.

When a problem exists in a horse it’s said that the rider must be willing to accept some responsibility or the problem won’t leave until the horse does. While some employees just aren’t cut out for certain careers, we, as leaders, must be prepared to work with employee flaws and issues. Horses and humans both require the fundamentals of leadership to form the building blocks of success.

Establishing Effective Working Relationships

Our methods involve using the horses’ natural curiosity to build trust, confidence and courage. We use four initial stages of horse training – establish trust, develop feel, gain respect, and build confidence. The process requires a commitment to create a solid training foundation that will develop into higher levels of confidence. Once the foundation is laid, the horse should have the mental ability to be trained in a wide array of disciplines. A trainer accomplishes more by focusing on training the young horse’s mind to learn. These same principles mirror what a leader must do to establish effective working relationships and get the best out of even the most difficult employees.

Leadership Through Horsemanship covers the following:

  • Develop trust
  • Gain respect 
  • Build Confidence 
  • Establish effective relationships
  • Increase performance
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