DWOP/CWOP (Drilling Well/ Completing Optimization Process)

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Unscheduled events are costly. Holding DWOP/ CWOP meetings has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for many companies around the world. The team, comprised of all  office, field and service company personnel, are assembled to review the well plans. The overall goal is enhanced efficiency and reducing planned target times.

During this meeting, various well control and drilling scenarios are discussed. The team constructs a theoretical well and works through each hole section. They then develops a plan to improve performance based on the lessons learned. This plan addresses the need to control costs, while working safely and efficiently.

As a result of the plan, the drilling team has a road map for performing the job properly and meeting operator expectations.  By assembling the drilling team for a pre-spud presentation of the specific well program, you improve planning for avoiding unscheduled events or incidents by improving the channels of communication.

DWOP/CWOP (Drilling Well/ Completing Optimization Process) covers the following:

  • Well plan presentation
  • Drilling/Completion processes
  • Technical limit targets
  • Team building/communication  
  • Safety program/awareness
  • Hole section action plans
  • Well control issues
  • Geology
  • Hole cleaning
  • Hole problems
  • Stuck pipe mechanisms
  • Loss circulation/depleted zones
  • Equipment failure
  • Stuck pipe freeing
  • Drill string failure
  • Rig repair
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