HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) Training

Course Length: 1-2 Days

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Availability: This course is developed and scheduled based upon customer request. There are currently no Open Courses scheduled. If you are interested in scheduling please contact us at .


This course is designed to reach multiple levels at both the rig site and office. Introducing High Pressure and High Temperature scenarios to the crews allow for your team to identify the challenges created in an HPHT well in both the drilling and well control environment. This course takes a very practical approach to the communication challenges involved in a HPHT situation.  

The course focuses on recognizing and understanding indicators of critical well conditions and developing response plans that often require complex solutions.
The HPHT course is generally customized for a particular operator, drilling rig, and well specific personnel. It provides an excellent form for discussion and planning by the office and rig-based team.

HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) Training covers the following:

  • Well Overview - Geology& Drilling
  • Abnormal Pressure Sources
  • Under-compaction
  • Overview of HPHT Histories/Practices
  • Trapped Fluid Expansion/Compression
  • Gas Migration Dynamics
  • Wellbore Fluid Storage and Recovery
  • Evaluating Shut in Drill Pipe and Casing Pressures
  • Tripping Core Barrels in HPHT Wells
  • Review of Gas, Temperature and Compression Laws
  • Gas in Oil Based Muds, Kick Detection Problems (Bubble Point Prediction)
  • Bleeding Methods for Trapped Pressure, Segregated and Diffused Gas Kicks HPHT Considerations
  • Pore Pressure
  • Porosity/Permeability
  • Effects of Overburden on Fracture Gradients
  • Tripping Practices in Deep High Pressure Wells
  • Action Plans for Well Control Equipment
  • Auxiliary Kill Methods/Procedures
  • Well Control Procedures Action Plan
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