The Smith Mason & Co Advantage

Smith Mason & Co provides a full range of premium-quality well control training courses and specialty programs for industry-leading oil and gas operators and drilling contractors worldwide. We integrate decades of experience with state-of-the-art well control technology to deliver fundamental principles that bridge old school learning with cutting-edge techniques that help minimize risk and maximize safety for workers and well sites alike.

Learning Tools

We use the latest innovations in drilling and well control system simulators, including DrillSIM-20 and DrillSIM-50 systems. Promethean Activboards in the classroom help expedite learning by allowing instructors and students to engage interactively with well control information and technology during sessions. Our e-learning modules provide students with a range of targeted online opportunities to help prepare for upcoming classes and ancillary learning. These technologies combined provide a comprehensive simulated learning experience for students at every level.


Smith Mason & Co is a team of seasoned professionals and young dynamic instructors who are committed to delivering the highest possible standard of well control training. We know our way around a well site and are well versed in the life-threatening emergencies drillers and operators face daily. It’s serious business and we’re eager to use our expertise and the latest teaching solutions to help you learn fundamental safety principles that could save your life and the lives of others when wells slip into a control situation. From roustabouts and roughnecks to drilling engineers and rig superintendents, we offer single- to multi-day training courses that help to turn well control incidents into well-controlled events. To learn more about our instructors and the rest of the team, click here.


Safety is an overarching concern at every well site. Simple miscues can quickly become a life-threatening chain of events. It’s paramount that everyone at the well site be a stakeholder in maximizing worker safety. By strongly advocating worker responsibility and accountability throughout our coursework, our students leave with a greater awareness and understanding of how doing a job right means doing it safely.

Larry Schmermund, Randy Smith and Marcus Mason

(L-R) Larry Schmermund, Randy Smith and Marcus Mason

Smith Mason & Co founder Randy Smith is respected around the world for delivering state-of-the-art well control training and leadership management and safety courses to the oil and gas industry. For more than 40 years he’s played a key role in helping roustabouts to rig superintendents understand the fundamental principles of turning a problem well into a job well done.

Randy launched Smith Mason & Co together with Marcus Mason and Larry Schmermund. Marcus, who most recently held a sales leadership role with Baker Hughes in Denver, Colorado, is company CEO. Larry, who serves as COO, brings more than 40 years of training industry knowledge and experience to the Company’s front office.